With myTeller you can:


  • Offer assisted self-service comfort for simple and complex transactions.

  • Enable more transactions in non-traditional branch formats.

  • Share the same data on all devices and branch systems.

  • Train team members with mobile technology.

  • Enable an instant response of data in real time.

  • Improve revenues through cross-selling.

Transformation of transactions

The displacement of a large part of the volume of transactions to a self-service channel assisted by a lower cost reassigns valuable personnel resources. The interaction between cashier and customer is the crucial moment in which the branch can strengthen the relationship with the customer and become a trusted financial partner.

The key to success is building a customer experience that is simple, offers the opportunity for a deeper conversation with a banking advisors if it is necessary.

MyTeller specifications

  • Recycling of bills and Coins simultaneously.

  • Processing of checks and complete documents with scanning on both sides and printer.

  • Security vault for bills in UL-292, CEN-L, CENII, etc.

  • Card reader.
  • Touch screen.

  • Keyboard.
  • Video camera and audio connection available.
  • Lector de código de barras

  • Width: 37.05 in / 941 mm

  • Depth: 40.71 in / 1034 mm
  • Counter height: 33.86 in / 860 mm

  • Weight: 1829.84 lb / 830 k

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